Apr 23, 2015

Simply South-->Revival of Home food. ( by chef chalapathi rao)

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Simply south, is one of my favorite restaurants with which i regularly connect myself with the food when i am bored with the other cuisines or the regular food. Because the flavors or the taste or the quality which i get here reminds me of my second home and chef chalapathi rao makes the magic with his food. 

Since a big fan of south Indian food and simply south, i just made it on the launch day of the second venture of simply south here at gachibowli. This restaurant is located in the same building where AB's and kfc share the same work space. It is located on the first floor. The new restaurant is well spacious and very comfortable for the family diners to make a big group with out any breaking of chains. Its almost a 70 seat capacity with a very big PDR having a capacity of 40-50 covers. 

With the new introductions in the menu along with their regular and vegetarian menu....the whole menu was simply superb and reflected the missing charm in some part of the sections, which they added on public demand. They also made typical changes to the Hyderabadi part....and the new chef for the cuisine delivered it perfectly well. The taste, aroma and the quality is a par match to the simply south benchmark. 

Today i ordered for the items which are totally new to the menu and all of them are chef's recommendation. i ordered for 

Gosht goli shorbha

Dum ka murgh

Nizami tarkari

Kari melagu kozhambu

White rice
Butter milk

Badam halwa

Elaneer payasam

Gosht goli shorba was an flavorful extract of lamb cooked with the meat balls( dumplings). This was yakhni. And the aroma was absolutely brilliant and it is one of its kind and different from what we regularly have.

From the Hyderabadi part i ordered for the dum ka murgh, and nizami tarkari. The dum ka murgh was very well cooked and the consistency of the gravy was perfect with the oil layer on the top. The chicken was very tender and the flavor of the tandoor was ofen felt with the very first bite of the chicken and it went well with the veechu paorta, which i ordered along with the curries. 

Nizami tarkari was a vegetarian dish which was made with the mix vegetables and the flavor was very good with a hint of the light gravy which made it go well with the rice. The oil is excess on its part but liked to the flavor. 

Then i ordered for Kari melagu kozhambu...this is a typical chettinadu mutton dish, the well cooked tender mutton is then again cooked in the spicy gravy of chettinad spices, which is flavored with coconut milk and pepper for the better taste and texture. The very first bite of it will give you a punch in the face with an explosion of pepper and you will like it at the very first bite. Having had the mild gravy of dum ka murgh. I experienced the richness of the chettinad gravy which gave me enough time to enjoy it thoroughly with either parota/rice. ( Suggested to order)

Getting finished with my main course, one of my friend ( vishal ferandes) also dropped in and we continued to share the remaining items. 

I ordered for the desert again with the new list consisting of elaneer payasam and badam halwa. 

The elaneer payasam was way too good with the rice texture of the reduced coconut milk with tender coconut pieces in it, to gave a heavenly feel of the dish. The very first bite gave me a feel of the parupu pradhamam another desert which had the same blend of cocnut milk in it. Which resembles it to be in the border of Tamilnadu and kerla. 

The badam halwa was also very consistent in texture, color and taste. It was very light and the badam taste was very pouring. 

I ended my meal with a butter milk, which was made with a dash of garam masala and coriander powder. It was very good and consistent taste. 

The final part of the meal would be a good pan to finish with. Had a sweet pan which was available in the counter. 

With the good service, good food and good tradional back ground of the food journey, chef chalapathi rao has made his mark in the vicinity of the gachibowli, where a proper south Indian food is a scarcity. With his addition of his culinary experience, south Indian food lovers will definitely embrace the new place and i wish the management and staff a very big all the best and hope they do their best to make their way a long one. 

Till then,,,happy eating. 


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